As sisters, we were inspired to create a healthier and gentler product for our skin. Our mission is to create a healthier product with no chemicals. We've spent much of our time perfecting the recipe to create the perfect blend of a solid form lotion bar that would be easy for anyone to moisturize while on-the-go. Our lotion bars will make your skin buttery soft. The texture is light, smooth, and luxurious.






With Love,

Gentle Handz



Since starting this amazing dream of becoming co-founders of Gentle Handz, we have been invited to be part of multiple Children's Business fairs (winning a recognition for our product), we've been part of the local farmers market and recently having a pop-up at Nordstrom. As sisters, we are extremely excited to be expanding as our company continues to grow. 


We hope that you enjoy our lotion bars! They come in thirty different shapes and a wide variety of essential oils to choose from. 

We are two young entrepreneurs who love being innovative thinkers in our day-to-day routine. We found our passion for starting something new at the age 2 and 4 when we had our first exposure to creating something new and fun...